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Circles of Life

Circles of Life/Gems of Excellence is a powerful integrative process that identifies traumas and outmoded belief systems through kinesiology (muscle testing).  Once brought to conscious awareness, these memories and thought patterns can be transformed into choices reflecting the original blue print of the Authentic Self.


Using Kinesiology, Jo Ann assists in locating the cellular memories of trauma in the body or mind, as if they were 'glitches' in a computer.  She then clears the stress of the "glitches" with numerical sequences.  This allows for the re-circuiting of both the cellular memory and the thought process. 


Changing the perception of the memory or belief alters the energetic flow of the body and mind. This shift creates the possibility for the body/mind computer to make new, healthier choices.  Jo Ann's compassionate and insightful approach to the Circles of Life/Gems of Excellence has supported her clients in living a more balanced, vibrant and abundant way of being.  The results are truly life-changing!


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