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Reiki Training is distinct from other healing modalities in that it involves an ancient procedure for opening and activating the Chakra system.  This initiation process allows the student to tap into Universal (Life) Force Energy which is transmitted through the hands.  The ritual has been passed down from Master to student since the time of Mikio Usui, the founder of the Reiki Healing Method.


As a Reiki Master, Jo Ann is qualified to teach all four levels of Reiki.  She has trained hundreds of people in the Reiki Healing Method, both in the United States and the Caribbean.  In order to enhance the experience of the Reiki session, Jo Ann has created a nurturing and artistic healing environment in her work space.  Jo Ann’s combined keen intuition with her many years of dedicated study of health and healing allows her to be adept at assisting clients in achieving renewed vitality, inner peace, and increased self-awareness.  Best of all, Jo Ann’s supportive and cheerful nature is contagious!



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Jo Ann Levine Reiki ~ (909) 793-0680 ~ Redlands, California