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Reiki Training - Levels

Redlands, Reiki, Meditation, Kinesiology, Tarot, Holistic, Health, Wellness, Healing

First Level Reiki involves four initiation processes.  The student also learns the basic hand positions for self-healing, giving healing to sessions to others, and treating animals and plants, in addition to other useful techniques.  It’s like having a first aid kit built into the hands!


Second Level Reiki training has two, more extensive initiation rituals.  Three symbols and their corresponding mantras (sacred sounds) are learned at this level.   Instruction is given for tapping into frequencies which heal across time and space.  Students report amazing results from sending remote (absentee) healing to others, as well as personal healing through releasing childhood traumas and limiting thought patterns.


The Advanced Reiki Attunement reactivates the Second Level symbols and includes the installing of an additional symbol.  This process assists the student in feeling fully present in the now.  After the two initiations at this level are received, Jo Ann offers a relaxing Reiki healing session.


Master Level Reiki Training enhances the symbols installed in the previous initiations and attunes the student to the two Master Symbols.  With these four attunements, the student earns the title of Reiki Master.  However, the effects of the Reiki Master Training extend far beyond just the Reiki.  All aspects of life are brought to a finer tuned and more harmonious frequency.  It is a life transforming experience!


Reiki Trainings are offered by individual appointments or in a group setting.

Redlands, Reiki, Meditation, Kinesiology, Tarot, Holistic, Health, Wellness, Healing

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